Friday, August 16, 2013

A Man Eater and a Sadist Go Into a Book...

I'm about to upload final text and cover images for the early '70s gay thrillers Man Eater and Night of the Sadist to AuthorHouse, which means they'll be available soon in a two-in-one edition from 120 Days Books; that's two vintage, adults-only pulp novel for the price of one -- $12.95, to be exact. They'll be available on Amazon in both hard copy and eBook form, though with the eBook you won't get the full tete-beche experience of reading the first novel, then turning the book over and starting the second. It's pretty cool.

Tete-Beche Trivia: Did you know that William S. Burroughs' Junkie was first published in a tete-beche edition, with a 1941 novel called Narcotic Agent, by the marvelously named Maurice Helbrant? Well it was, and here's the proof.

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